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Awaken Your Mind

Find Your Freedom Inside

Now You Can. Figure it all out.
Discover the limitless possibilities that lie within you.
You will find healing, wholeness and bliss.


AwakenMind offers expert counseling, executive coaching, leadership development and organizational consulting services. Our programs are designed to deliver rapid, long-lasting results. We integrate psychology, neurobiology and quantum physics to propel our clients into a transformation process that leads to fulfillment in every area of your life.

Whatever you face, counseling will help. We all struggle. Sometimes it helps to talk to someone confidentially, about anything.

Unleash Your Power

Executive Coaching will catapult your career to new heights. Gain the requisite skills to dramatically improve your core competencies and leadership.

Female Lecturer

Group trainings are the lifeblood of team-building communication, collaboration and cooperation.  Group trainings allow your people to get motivated, connect with each other and improve team performance.

Group Events and Trainings
Succeed as a team

One who looks outside, dreams. One who looks inside, awakens.
_Carl Jung



I finally feel healed whole and happy. I love who I am today.

-Dylan H


"You are alchemists"

-Laura D.


My work with AwakenMind has been nothing less than a miracle! 

-Donna R


I feel motivated, inspired and confident. I'm achieving my goals and manifesting my dreams.

Victor R.

"AwakenMind has helped me become an executive. I've been promoted 2 levels. Colleagues say that I have transformed."

- Paul A., Managing Director,

Large Online Retail

My anxiety and depression are literally gone!

Liz B.

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​Welcome. What brings you here? Perhaps you are struggling with issues of love and relationship, career, family or health. Perhaps you are experiencing depression, anxiety or loss. Maybe you are simply ready to manifest your dreams. Whatever you face, AwakenMind can help.


Some of you may be looking for the inspiration,the motivation and confidence needed to achieve your goals or manifest your dreams. Some of you may be simply searching to understand yourselves and discover the meaning and purpose of your lives. We'll guide you...

At AwakenMind, we believe that the privilege of a lifetime is being all of who you are. Nothing is wrong with you. Paradoxically it is through accepting all of who you are that change can take place.


Founded by Susannah D. Kirksey, LPC, AwakenMind was born out of a passion for the mind, heart, body and soul. Susannah brings extensive experience, deep expertise and innovative methods to facilitate your transformation and deliver rapid, sustainable and long-lasting results.

Whatever the case/you face, AwakenMind counseling and executive coaching can help you figure out/find resolution to your deepest questions and freedom to be all of who you can be. 

helps activate that the healing intelligence lies within you.

mission is to promote mindful awareness, conscious kindness, and collective responsibility for each other and the planet we inhabit. 


AwakenMind is totally committed to a client's transformation.


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The Privilege of a Lifetime is Being Who You Are.
You are the hero of your life's journey.
Follow your bliss.

-Joseph Campbell

-Joseph Campbell

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Office located in Westlake Hills, Austin, Texas 78746

Tel: +1 512-522-0259 |

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