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Take Quantum Leaps In Your Career

 Master executive and leadership skills and exceed your potential with AwakenMind

Business Meeting

Unleash Your Potential

Whether you are an emerging or a seasoned executive, you will get rapid results with our comprehensive innovative curriculum that is customized to meet your needs and to align with relevant organizational objectives. We focus on ensuring mastery of the requisite core competencies and core values of executive management while mentoring them on the leadership journey ahead.

Are you considering coaching for yourself, your team, or your organization?  Executive Coaching will catapult your career to new heights. 

The AwakenMind Executive Program provides emerging and seasoned managers with the prerequisite skills and the qualities needed to effectively manage and lead people.

Executive management is often under enormous pressure to deliver results. You must execute on their duties and responsibilities while navigating the complex field of politics. You benefit greatly from having a sounding board, someone with whom they can talk to confidentially, to whom they can share anything and whose personal wisdom and business advice they can trust.

Through the coaching process, executives can get the support to thrive both personally and professionally.

  • 3 month coaching engagement

  • 10 Individual 1-hour sessions

  • Psychosocial background analysis

  • Myers-Briggs Personality Assessment

  • Unique 360 Degree review with 1x1 peer interviews

  • EMDR for Cognitive Enhancement

  • Personalized Development Plan 

  • Coaching Report

Awakened Executive Program (AEP)


Leadership Development

Leadership Development

Public Speaker

AwakenMind's Leadership Development program help leaders build an organic, influential, authentic following \ with their teams.


Leadership goes beyond executive management so the foundation of our curriculum is based on leadership development.customized in addition to meet your needs. ​

No greater investment can be made by an invidivuial or organizatipn than leadership development. Individuals and high-growth organizations invest in leadership development to groom their brightest potential leaders. Many leaders want to unleash their power and live their full potential, while others may be facing professional or personal challenges.

Leaders can be found at every level of an organization. They should also be developed at every lvel. These people are your high-performers, your natural born leaders, your group motivators.

A true leader is a leader of people

Many leaders hold roles of positional authority only--they do not attract authentic emotional commitment from people, but rather people's dutiful submission to authority.

Leadership goes beyond executive management so the foundation of our curriculum is based on leadership development.customized in addition to meet your needs. ​

Your organization is most likely at a pivotal juncture, with many hard problems to solve. Group trainings are the lifeblood of team-building and employee communication, collaboration and cooperation. How do support, motivate, inspire and train your employees during the pandemic and the societal upheaval?

The AwakenMind Group Programs integrate video with in-person sessions to create cohesion in the group. We do it using social distancing and the wearing of masks.

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