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"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships."

– Michael Jordan

Group Events

How do support, motivate, inspire and train your employees during the pandemic and the societal upheaval?

Group Trainings allow your people to thrive under any circumstance. Whether it's a corporate event, a workshop, sales training, team-building or a weekend retreat, nothing motivates people more than gaining insight into themselves and into others.

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AwakenMind offers a wide array of group programs, each customized to the clients' needs and organizational objectives. The AwakenMind Group Programs can integrate video with in-person sessions to ensure flexibility.

Some of our clients' favorite programs below!

  • One World: Embracing Cultural Diversity

  • Lead with Emotional and Social IQ

  • Mindfulness for High Performance

  • Archetypes for Life

  • What Personality Type Are You? (MBTI)

  • The Soul of Leadership

  • The Hero's Journey

Org Consulting

Organizational Consulting

Team meeting
Staff Meeting

  • Leadership Training

    • What makes a leader?

    • The Neuroscience of Leadership

      • Mind, body and brain intelligence​

    • Emotional and Social Intelligence

    • Interpersonal communications

  • Holistic Development​

    • Work/Life Balance

We take an IOP approach to our organizational consulting practice....ORG PROBS here

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