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What is EMDR?


Do you suffer from trauma and PTSD that won't go away? Perhaps you experience disturbing thoughts and intrusive images, anxiety and panic, depression, guilt and shame. Your may feel paralyzed by fear and unable to function some days-feeling despair that it will not end and that you will never heal. 


EMDR is the most effective clincial modality for the teatment and elimination of PTSD and trauma.

EMDR or "Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing" EMDR combines specific clinical protocols with bilateral stimulation to activate neural memory networks and release stored trauma.

Everyone has some form of trauma. It is not reserved to the severly traumatized, but to anyone who experiences suffering. For example, many people are traumatized by their childhood experience with math... even nightmares.



EMDR means clearing the triggers and the trauma of the past. Trauma will no longer haunt you and drive your seld-defeating patterns.

Because EMDR acts at the level of the physiology and neurobiology, it enables rapid, effective and sustainable change.

Results from EMDR are astounding: rapid, transformative, and long-lasting. Nothing compares to its ability to deliver permanent change.

You will find a newfound freedom, confidence, clarity, insight, inspiration, motivation, courage, joy, and peace.


  • Neutrality of past triggers

  • Resolution of painful memories

  • Anxiety relief and stress reduction

  • Clarity and insight

  • New sense of self-worth

  • Confidence, strength & resiliency

  • Performance enhancement

  • Productivity, inspiration and motivation

  • Clarity of purpose and meaning

  • Recovery from addiction

  • Overcoming fear of success/failure

  • Stage fright, public speaking

  • Phobias

How does it work?



EMDR has received worldwide recognition as a proven, evidence-based modality for eliminating PTSD. The American Psychiatric Association, the World Health Organization and the Department of Defense have all endorsed EMDR.


Over 50 positive controlled studies show improvements of up to 80-90% in cognitive functioning and complete elimination of PTSD in many cases, after only three-five 90-minute sessions. 

Brain SPECT imaging and the latest neuroscientific research statistically validate the dramatic results seen with EMDR.


EMDR aligns the right and left hemispheres of the brain, activates the prefrontal cortex and reduces over-activity in the limbic brain.  EMDR results in improved Anterior Cingulate (flexibility), decreased Basil Ganglia (anxiety) , reduced Limbic activity (emotions) and the Amygdala fight-flight response. The Parasympathetic Nervous System activates and re-regulates the nervous system.

Trauma lives in the body. This includes the neuro-circuitry of the brain. Think of the brain like an information highway, where trauma has blocked the roadways to adaptive neural integration, or healing.


Trauma becomes stuck looping in intrinsic memory networks that trigger the amygdala and dysregulate the nervous system.


So EMDR affects how the brain processes that information using bilateral stimulation. The bilateral stimuli sets the brain to work untangling and reconnecting new neural networks that allow the information highway to flow again.


These new neural networks make connections that result in complete information processing of the trauma, new learning, elimination of emotional distress, and development of cognitive insights.


Why does Prince Harry do EMDR?

We all know Harry lost his mother at a young age. This kind of loss creates trauma. His PTSD may have been created by the aftermath while living in a royal family, whose role demanded the exigence of perfectism in the public eye and loyality to the crown. We don't even know what goes beyond those palace walls. * his Benefits& quote from Harry-Video?

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Contact Us

Office located in Westlake Hills, Austin, Texas 78746

Tel: +1 512-522-0259 |

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