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EMDR Group Therapy Workshop

October 1-3, 2021
Austin, Texas


Heal Yourself and Transform Your Life

What holds you back? Clear the obstacles to your dreams with the transformative healing of EMDR therapy. Register to join a small group of kindred individuals for this immersive weekend workshop in the beautiful hill country of Austin, Texas. Facilitated by EMDR-Trained psychotherapists, the workshop is designed to provide individual attention while taking the group safely and successfully through the EMDR healing process.

So what is EMDR? Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing is the most effective treatment for the elimination of trauma and for the cognitive enhancement of the brain. Self-defeating behaviors, negative thoughts and painful feelings will no longer disturb you.  When you clear the trauma, every aspect of your life improves.


Results from EMDR are dramatic: rapid, effective, and long-lasting! You will be amazed by your new-found freedom, your confidence, your strength of self and self-esteem, and your clarity and your motivation. 

Group therapy is a powerful catalyst for growth. Group work offers everyone the ability to receive and share helpful feedback while being of service to others.

Transform your life in a single weekend
compared to 3 months of treatment
at double the cost!

Do you suffer from trauma or PTSD that won't go away, despite all your best efforts? Maybe you are sick of repeating the same old patterns and want to manifest your dreams. You may be afraid the experience will never end. Perhaps you feel frustrated and want to manifest your dreams.


Trauma and PTSD cause people to experience disturbing feelings, images, and memories that haunt them with intrusive and looping thoughts. The past becomes the present and the future. The central nervous system gets dysregulated and intense anxiety and panic can set in. You may even become paralyzed by fear and unable to function.

What's the Problem?

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EDMR is a proven methods for the treatment and elimination of trauma and PTSD. 

EMDR combines specific clinical protocols with bilateral stimulation to activate neural memory networks and release stored trauma.

EMDR mean clearing the triggers and the trauma of the past. As a result of EMDR, you will be able to regulate your anxiety, reduce depression, gain self-worth, clear phobias, resolve grief, find personal freedom, feel strength, confidence and resiliency!

What's the Solution?

Your Self-Care Matters

Your self-care is paramount. For that, the EMDR Workshop takes place in a spacious, luxurious modern home where participants can relax and do their work in a safe, comfortable, and private setting.

The daytime workshop takes place from Friday evening to Sunday morning.  You'll be able to attend to your own self-care and take breaks whenever needed!

You can swim, nap, or retreat to private bedrooms, break out to process with others, express yourself through art, dance, play, and fun.


Activities are experiential and interactive, giving you alternate ways of exploring healing. Delicious food is catered based on your dietary requirements.


Susannah Kirksey, LPC is CEO of AwakenMind. She is an EMDR-trained integrative psychotherapist who brings deep expertise, exceptional skill and broad experience to help create transformational change for her clients.

With over 12 years in clinical practice Susannah integrates psychodynamic, cognitive, mindfulness, and somatic methods such as EMDR to accelerate clients' healing and wholeness.

Susannah brings the skills, experience and knowledge to facilitate EMDR group therapy, developing the workshop to optimize and accelerate the healing process of all participants.

Her personal passion is helping people find meaning, purpose, and fulfillment in their lives and careers. 

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Susannah D. Kirksey, LPC
CEO AwakenMind, LLC



AwakenMind provides counseling, executive coaching and leadership development services designed to awaken peoples' minds and transform their lives.  


AwakenMind's programs catalyze personal and professional transformation to deliver rapid, effective long-lasting change.


AwakenMind is the first company to combine integrative psychology, neuroscience, mindfulness and quantum physics to deliver exceptional results. You will experience a transformation process that leads to fulfillment in every area of your life.

The AwakenMind mission is to bring mindful awareness, collective responsibility, and compassionate care to our shared humanity and to the planet we inhabit. 

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